Thursday, 19 September 2013

Colour Craving. . .


I've been having such fun with Stephen West's latest mystery knit-a-long, the Colour Craving shawl.  I can't say very much about it yet or post pictures until the end (if you are on ravelry you can go to the discussion group and the spoiler photo thread)  but I can say that the first clue was so intriguing in its construction, unlike anything I've ever knitted before. I can't see where this will be heading but I think I'm going to end up with a very original and unusual shawl.  The first clue only uses two out of the three colours required. I've gone with a safe bet and used a dark grey fingering (Titus in the Coal colourway) and a warm and cozy white alpaca from John Arbon.  But I'm guessing that the next clue will involve the third colour and I'm still undecided!

Should I go monochrome with a lighter grey?

Or really inject some bold colour? 

At the moment I'm leaning towards the green (not least because it's already wound).  One row left on Clue #1 and I can't wait until tomorrow when Clue #2 arrives.

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