Friday, 27 September 2013

A Pop of Colour on a Gray Day. . .

London is lovely in the sunlight but a gray day also has its own beauty; if nothing else it just makes the colours pop.  I can never resist walking along the South Bank. I love the energy, the music from the buskers, the smell of the food vans and the sight of crowds of tourists from all over the world enjoying the river views. It's one of my favourite city walks. I love these birch trees outside the Tate Modern. They make me want to weave in and out of them in some mad dance but of course there are always too many people around. 

Further along, heading west is The Shed, a temporary space constructed at the National Theatre while renovations are in progress.  I love how vibrant that red is, especially next to the tired concrete of the rest of the building. 

And heading across the river and up to Trafalgar Square,  there's no mistaking the latest art piece to adorn the fourth plinth. Hahn/Cock is by German sculptor Katharina Fritsch

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