Monday, 11 March 2013

Fair Isle. . .

I've had a fascination with Guernsey ever since reading The Book of Ebenezer Le Page by G.B. Edwards, which looks at life on the Channel Island through most of the twentieth century and features a wonderfully cranky and astute narrator. 

So I was really pleased to find a new crafty podcast called iMake, created by Martine, a knitter and all-round crafter living on Guernsey.  She also has a great blog and regularly posts pictures of life on the island. One of her new year's resolutions was the same as mine - to finally tackle fair isle and stranded knitting.  And she led me to a great pattern - the Selbu Modern hat, designed by Kate Gagnon Osborn.  It took a bit of time to get used to holding the two strands of yarn at the same time and I'm not sure about my tension at times, but hey - I'm about a quarter of the way through and a pattern is definitely emerging!  It's really fun to do; I can easily see myself getting addicted to fair isle. 

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