Thursday, 28 March 2013

All The Colours of Yorkshire. . .

Here's some really exciting wool news (at least for me).  One of my favourite wool shops in the UK is Baa Ram Ewe on the outskirts of Leeds, and their latest newsletter is full of exciting updates about Titus, their very own yarn.  I'm a huge fan of Titus, which is part Grey Wensleydale, part Bluefaced Leicester and part alpaca, and is really soft and lovely to work with. I used it for the background of my too-small fair isle hat.  Being a Yorkshire lass by birth, I'm also quite sentimental about Titus, named after Titus Salt, the mill owner who also founded Saltaire, his attempt at creating a utopian village with good working and housing conditions for his workers, now a Unesco World Heritage site.  It's also the place where my grandparents lived for decades and what I think of as my spiritual home in England.   And the restored Salts Mill is well worth a visit.

Titus has been hard to get; it's always sold out.  But the shop seems to have secured a production deal that will ensure that more stock will soon be readily on hand.  Plus they now have a distributor in Canada, so shortly it should be available in yarn stores over there. PLUS, they are going to introduce some new colours, inspired by all things Yorkshire.  Take a look at these; I'm swooning.

I just love, love these colours, particularly parkin, chevin and eccup.  I want to do a fair isle sweater with all of them.

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