Monday, 21 January 2013

Winter in the U.K. . .

I spoke too soon.  These are my tulips now.

This is what I was hoping to avoid all winter by moving to Liverpool.  Snow is definitely NOT something that I miss about Toronto.

The UK has been hit with some storms over the last few days and I've gotten my first taste of how Britain copes (or doesn't) with a little bit of the white stuff.  Planes, trains and buses have been cancelled, schools have been closed, cars are sliding all over the road as hardly anyone has snow tires, and apart from the main streets, there's very little salting or gritting as they call it.  I volunteered to clear off about two inches of snow off the Liverpud's car this morning, asked him for his scraper and just started laughing - it was about the size of my hand!  Everyone is very grumpy.

By Canadian standards the snow, which has now turned quite slushy, would hardly raise an eyebrow, but even so, I've stopped walking to work as the sidewalks are quite slippery.

I just hope that my daffodils in the back yard which were sprouting up quite nicely, will bloom as soon as this all melts away (the weather promises to be above zero again next week).

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