Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Daytripping: Crosby Beach. . .

Just a 20 minute drive north of Liverpool is Crosby Beach, home to artist Antony Gormley's really beautiful project titled Another Place.   It consists of 100 iron sculptures based on his own body and placed at various locations along a three mile stretch of the beach.  When we visited yesterday afternoon the sea was crashing in, but at low tide, you can walk out right up to many of the sculptures. I find it a very peaceful and reflective piece that doesn't detract at all from the surrounding scenery and it changes daily with the varying light, weather and tides.

I can't resist taking photos whenever I visit.  People often dress up these naked men, especially with hats.

So of course I had to see how my new hat looked (I'm loving the hat by the way - it was an extremely windy day and it completely passed the stay-on-the-head test - on both of us!)

Doesn't look like January does it?  Can't say I'm missing the snow or the sub zero temperatures that are currently in Toronto. 

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