Monday, 20 August 2012

In Which My Thumb Is Growing Greener. . .

You can't live in England for long without meeting Brits who are passionate about their gardens and it's easy to get caught up in all the enthusiasm.  I've never really had a garden of my own; in Toronto I lived in an apartment with no green space, no balcony and very little natural light.  Great for cozying up with a book in the winter, but almost every bit of plant life that crossed the threshold shortly died.  So I was eager to attend my first English garden show last week, held in Southport, just a bit north of Liverpool.  There were flowers . . . lots and lots of gorgeous flowers.  And the profusion of colour was just spectacular.

British pride was well on display.

I had a lot of fun (and ice cream) at the show and came away determined to get in on the craze.  Our back yard has been a bit neglected over the summer but I spent the weekend weeding and sweeping and cutting back some overgrowth. It was very satisfying and I did it just in time to enable us to enjoy a meal out on the patio as I hosted my first mini-dinner party for the Liverpud's brother, wife and two year old.  Given the time of year I can't really get a garden going, but I do have herbs bought at the show on the kitchen windowsill and they are still alive after several days. 

And I picked up this beautiful streptocarpus for my craft room/library.  The care instructions basically say to water when it droops. I should be able to handle that. 

I also picked up some tulip bulbs to plant in October for next spring.  Like choosing wine, I'm often drawn to things because of their names AND I love all things red so how could I pass up on these bulbs?

I love the idea of having a bit of "Toronto" in the backyard next year.  Along with some "Backpackers".   Stay tuned.

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