Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WIP Wednesdays. . .

This is the beginnings of the Ilkley Shawl designed by Torontonian Laura Chau.  I knit one for my Mum as a Christmas present and she loved it.   And my boyfriend's mother loved it.  So I offered to knit one for her too and asked her what colours she would like.  And she said she wanted the EXACT same one as my Mum.  Okay knitters, hopefully you can see my dilemma.  Apart from not wanting to knit the same thing over again ( not the pattern which I love, but you have to try different colour combinations to keep things fresh don't you?),  I feel uneasy about two mums wearing the exact same shawl which they could very well do next Christmas if we again spend it all together.  So I just can't do it.  I'm using more or less the same colours but I'm varying the width of the stripes and while my Mum's had a charcoal gray background, this one will be red with the gray as one of the contrasting colours.  I'm hoping that once it's actually finished and gifted, she won't mind the changes and will appreciate having her own slightly different shawl.   Fingers crossed!

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