Thursday, 27 November 2008

An early little xmas gift - for me. . .

I've been searching for quite some time for a slim console table with a shelf to place alongside my sofa arm and I've finally found the perfect one at Pier 1 Imports. I love the style which reminds me of summer days browsing sidewalk stands outside of used bookstores. The colour works perfectly with my decor and it fits the space to the millimetre! The clincher was its "name" - The Bookseller. It was obviously meant to be and so I splurged; it looks absolutely terrific in my apartment. The middle trough I'm using for books on the go or those I'm most anxious to tackle and the bottom shelf will house magazines and a few oversized art books. My mug of tea - on a coaster of course - will sit very nicely on the top, along with a few dictionaries and key reference books.

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