Monday, 12 February 2018

The West Highland Way Club or Why I Have So Many WIPS. . .

What can one week off accomplish?

I had some extra holiday time to take and the Winter Olympics - my favourite sporting event -  are on. What better excuse than to hunker down on the couch and try my best to get some WIPs off the needles?  I am not at all optimistic that I will finish all of these in a week, but I am vowing to knit at least a little bit on all of them and hopefully finish at least two.

I blame Kate Davies for my ever growing pile of unfinished projects. Every Wednesday she releases another gorgeous pattern in her West Highland Way club and my willpower collapses and I cast on immediately, putting aside the previous week's projects.  But I am going to try and focus - at least until next Wednesday.

So, in the order in which they were released, here is what I am working on:

1. Strathendrick.  I am up to the armhole increases on this one. Then I add the steek stitches, do the yoke and then it's just steeking, neck ribbing and sleeves.  I would be quite happy to just have the sleeves left to do by the end of this week.  I am still in love with this garment, but it is a LOT of knitting.

2. Còinneach.  This is an older photo but I actually have one sleeve completed and am nearly finished the body. I am planning on turning this cardigan into a jumper. Sleeves are good telly knitting, so surely I can get the second sleeve done and start on the yoke. That will be so much fun, I won't want to stop until it's done and then, hey, the whole jumper will be completed.  

3. The Shieling.  Again, another gorgeous design and I would love to someday knit the whole blanket. A cushion seemed much more realistic. The variegated yarn I chose definitely doesn't show off the pattern as clearly as I would like, but I chose it because it's the Nova Scotia colourway of Fleece Artist's Back Country chunky, a series that celebrates Canada's National Parks. There were so many Scots who emigrated to Canada and I thought it would be lovely to tie in the shared heritage of the two countries. I am going to knit a plain square for the back. This is currently blocking and the pattern is a little more distinct when you stretch out the square. The wool is incredibly soft and squooshy and this will make a lovely addition on my sofa. This project is definitely doable this week.

4. Rowchoish. I have been pondering casting on another Carbeth (yes, I know I don't need yet another project), in one single colour.  I have some Rowan Hemp Chunky in a grey/black colour and some Cascade Eco in the Pumpkin Spice colourway. When Rowchoish came along on Wednesday, I thought the Cascade Eco would be perfect for it.  Then I woke up literally having had a dream about this grey Woolyknit Country Tweed that I have had in my stash for years.  And then I thought it would be fun to have contrasting bobbles.  Now I think they look like Olympic Gold bobbles and the cables remind me of swaying skiers.  So this is the project I will most work on during my week of Olympic telly. Since the yarn is doubled, it is knitting up quite quickly so let's see if I can hang this shrug proudly around my neck before the Games are over.


Katherine said...

I love all of these! They are all looking great and I totally get having to cast on everyone as they come out -- all the patterns have been gorgeous. Hope you're enjoying knitting and Olympics !!

Angelika Kneifel said...

I am following this - so much fun! I have done a Craigallian hat so far and cast on a Shieling square and the yoke cardigan to be made as a sweater but have done other things this week like the AYOT Fair Isle Vest and a Caitlin Hunter Swoncho that is getting bulkier every day and difficult to transport. I look forward to seeing your results later this week!