Friday, 26 January 2018

My Year of Kate Davies. . .

Definitely more knitting than blogging going on here lately.

2018 is already turning out to be the year of Kate Davies. Last weekend, I finished my Warriston sweater and have been practically living in it ever since.  This is an older pattern of hers, but feels just as current and creative as her latest designs.  Sometimes you just want the satisfaction of a quick, chunky knit. I started this back in December, had knit most of the body and then put it aside. I was then working on a lot of projects on tiny needles; I really needed to pull this out and finish it and I'm so glad I did.

The yarn is Jamieson's of Shetland Aran in a rich chocolate colourway called Broch. It has flecks of deep blue and a bit of orange in it. It knits up a dream.  I decided to add a contrast colour for the pocket linings, just for fun. This is some Hebridean aran that I've had in my stash for yonkers. I like the unexpected pop of purple.

Kate's West Highland Way club is now in full force and everything she's released so far has been gorgeous. I used some of my remaining Milarrochy Tweed to knit the first pattern - the Craigallian hat.  I used all of her neutral colours and added just a teeny bit of the vibrant Stockiemuir green. Against the soft grey it comes out quite muted, but I like the effect. At some point I'll get around to casting on the accompanying mittens. 

Next up was the STUNNING Strathendrick which I cast on almost immediately.  It's a monumental bit of knitting - a huge, boxy, sweater - but I have nothing like it in my wardrobe and the fitted sleeves and split hem give it a very modern look. I'm not the biggest fan of flower motifs so have just removed them and left some white space.  I am loving the colours and yarn I have chosen.  It is all Jamieson & Smith jumper 2ply with the exception of the red which is Cambrian Wool 4ply in Welsh Red.  I bought four balls of this last year at WonderWool and have been waiting for the perfect project to show them off. I am smitten with the colour and think I'm even going to enjoy knitting the sleeves on this one.

I will be quite some time working away on Strathendrick, addictive as it is.  My aim is to finish it for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March.  However, that doesn't stop me planning my next Kate Davies design. This week she released this beautiful yoked cardigan completely at home among the mossy landscape of the West Highland Way.  I've been inspired to dig out my Hebridean wool for this. My precious 4ply from Uist Wool has also been waiting for the ideal project.  I have a few skeins of Alice Starmore's Hebridean 2ply that will hopefully work with it. It'll be a softer look than Kate's but I'm excited to cast on.  Though patience is definitely not one of my virtues, I will try to wait until I'm at least up to the sleeves of Strathendrick. Can't promise though.

This is my inspiration photo for the cardigan (which I may knit as a jumper - not decided yet). It's the view from the top of Eavel in North Uist and one of my favourite hikes from last year's Hebridean holiday.

What will Kate come up with next???

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