Thursday, 14 September 2017

In Which Crochet Saves the Day (Yet Again). . .

Though I am primarily a knitter, I will always be grateful to my friend Sue for showing me how to crochet. I'm still a beginner and I don't do it often enough to find it intuitive so I'm quite slow and always counting stitches, but I always get great satisfaction out of it and it has so many uses, beyond just the granny square.

A case in point:  A few months ago, I popped a set of curtains into the wash and they shrunk.  About two inches.  I was really disappointed as I love the fabric but they no longer looked good in the room.

But then I found a skein of Rowan Creative Linen in a very similar shade of yellow to those pops in the pattern. I threaded a needle and did a row of blanket stitch, then picked up a crochet hook and worked a couple of rows in simple motifs, ending with a little picot edging.

And here is the final result (minus the ironing I need to clearly do).  I think they look very sweet now. Very chuffed.

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Beth Theis said...

Love this creative solution, thanks. Ingenious.