Thursday, 3 August 2017

A Circular Walk in the Yorkshire Dales . .

Last Sunday we went on a lovely 14 mile circular walk from Grassington. Shall we just feast our eyes on the lovely green that is the Yorkshire Dales?

Hard to believe now, but this whole area was a hub of activity in the 19th century due to lead ore mining. You have to be careful not to stray from the paths as there are still mine shafts hidden beneath the turf.

A few ruins remain.

And the first bit of heather was out.

We returned via the Dales Way path which is just gorgeous.

It forms a great, green backdrop to photo this new hat I knit for the Liverpud.  I was test knitting for Blacker Yarns and the pattern for the Atoll hat will be out shortly.  It uses two strands of lace weight in a simple broken rib pattern.

Lots of wild flowers out too.

And back to Grassington where there are many lovely pubs and shops.

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Kelly said...

What lovely photos! It makes me want to go out for a walk. (And how nice not to be boiling in a heat wave and facing long queues at the airport. Here's for a staycation this summer!)