Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Knitting Smithereens. . .

My Shallmillens Snood (the Shetland word for smithereens) designed by Donna Smith is finally done and this may well be my favourite knit of 2016.

I have taken this project on numerous trains and planes, and into hotel rooms, over the last few months. It's been the best travel companion; each row is easy to memorize and when you get a wee bit bored of a pattern, it's not long before a new one comes your way.  The size is perfect too - I can easily loop it twice around my neck where it is snug and warm but doesn't strangle me.

The yarn used is Brooklyn Tweed's Loft.  The lighter beige is Woodsmoke and the darker brown is a delicious colour called Truffle Hunt that incorporates greys, browns and a hint of bluey-grey too. It was a lovely yarn to knit with but really difficult to graft with as it breaks easily.  When washed and blocked though, it blooms into an absolutely soft and smooth fabric. Here is a close-up.

This took a long time to knit, but I'm really pleased with the result.  I've also seen some stunning projects done in gradient yarns or using different contrast colours for each section.

As I'm writing this, exciting plans are underfoot to visit the Shetland Islands next year. This cowl will definitely be coming with me, but I think I need to cast on some colourful fair isle projects in the new year.  i need to get my xmas knitting done first and finish what I hope will be my go-to winter jumper.  I've started Snowflake by Tin Can Knits which I've wanted to knit for a long time; I was just waiting to find the perfect colour combination.  I've been obsessed by the colourway Typewriter in Hedgehog Fibres' sock yarn and when I bought a couple of skeins, it occurred to me that it would perfectly match some discontinued black Rowan Tweed in my stash.  So I've made a start on the very pretty lace yoke:

Once the yoke is done, it'll be a matter of separating for the arms and then a lot of stockinette in the round which should go fairly quickly.  I'll be chuffed if I can finish in time to wear for Christmas.

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