Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Three Down, Ten to Go: The Hexa Hap (half of it at any rate). . .

The Hexa Hap, designed by Tom van Deijnen is definitely the biggest of the haps I've knit so far, and I only did the half version!

It is such an ingenious design though, very easy to memorise and quite enjoyable to knit. Most of this has been knit on trains.  I used Kate Davies' own yarn - Buachaille - and it's extremely soft and cozy (I really need to knit a sweater in this), while still showing off the pattern brilliantly.

There are lots of different ways to drape this.  At home, it will be around my shoulders during the winter months.

Below is my favourite way to wear it because I like how all the colours are visible.  Not my usual palette, but it's good to branch out of the comfort zone.  It will look great thrown over a sweater or winter coat.

Now on to the next one. . .

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