Saturday, 12 March 2016

A Slow Saturday. . .

It's a grey day outside, but I woke up and had that moment of recognition where I realized the worst of my cold was gone.  I still have the odd cough, but my energy level and appetite are back and it feels great. I wasn't yet up to doing the 14 mile recce that the Liverpud had to do today, but he went off with a mate and I got to have a lazy day pottering around the house.  Bliss.

I went out to the garden to have a proper look at my beautiful daffodils.

And found some crocuses were blooming out of a rather neglected patch of earth where we'd cleared a bush last summer.  I don't know how they got there as we didn't plant them, but I'm very happy to see them.

I finished my Banyan shawl and it's now blocking.  It's so long, it takes up the entire landing.

And I decided to tinker a bit with an old finished project.  Last year, I knitted the Humbug top designed by Carol Meldrum out of some Rowan Summer Tweed.  At the time, I thought it was quite unique in style and it would be fun to mix it up by wearing different colours beneath.

However, while I loved the fit of the top, after wearing it a few times, those gaping holes started to annoy me. They were just too ragged and looked untidy.  I made a mental note to try and fix the problem one day and I've finally tackled it.  After trying a few different options - crocheting the holes shut in a contrast colour, trying to seam them shut from the inside - I opted for threading a needle with the same yarn and just winding it around each hole three times, then weaving it up the inside of the top until they were all done.  It's created a row of bow-shaped eyelets and I'm so pleased with the result.

Now it's off to read The Guardian, prepare a lasagne for my hungry walker and tonight I'll get a little more knitting done while listening to Radio 4.  I love slow weekends.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you've had a cold and am so glad to read you're feeling better, we've both had sniffles and sneezes that have just gone on and on and, I love what you've done to the front of your sweater, it looks so much better and really makes for such a nice unique detail.
I keep meaning to try some of Clara Parkes but am currently reading the diaries of "Restoration sex pest" Samuel Pepys....goodness I don't think barely a week goes by without him having some sort of dilly dally how's your father with some poor woman.