Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Things Are Growing. . .

 It's starting to feel as if spring is in the air. The buds are starting to bloom on the camellia bush in the back yard.

There are new green shoots on the tiny lavender bush that I bought last summer.

My pile of swatches for my course also continues to grow.  This was a fun one to do - using one DK yarn and increasing the needle size every 12 rows to see the different type of fabric that it makes. 

There have been other swatches too.  Many, many, many, many swatches.  I have two more to go for the first module and then quite a few reports to write, but I'm very happy with my progress so far.

I've not had much time for my Buchanan, but I have started the yoke.

And this is a lovely new shawl that I'm currently having fun test-knitting.  I'm nearly on the edging which will be gorgeous.

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