Tuesday, 26 January 2016

January Knitting. . .

Where has the month of January gone?

I seem to be knitting constantly yet everything seems to be in bits and pieces.  2016 is definitely proving to be the year of the swatch.  I have been diligently working away at my course - swatch after swatch of selvedges, hems and edgings - but every time I read over the module instructions, it seems there are so many more to do.  I'm just itching to get this first module done and mailed off for marking, but I can only get so much done each day.  At any rate, I'm using up lots of odds and ends in my stash for these swatches.  We're encouraged to use different fibres, weights and colours.  Here are just a few of them, pre-blocking.

Let's not forget about the British Breeds swatch-a-long.  I'm determined to fully test out at least two breeds a month.  This is my latest swatch - Castlemilk.  I love the rich brown colour.  The pattern is one of Barbara Walker's and it's called "Croissants".  I may have munched on several during the knitting of this swatch. The cabling really pulls in the fabric; I'm a bit worried that when blocked, it's going to be a wee bit smaller than the other squares.

My Buchanan is moving along which I'm very pleased about.  I just attached the sleeves this morning so a few more rows and I'll be onto the yoke which will be fun.  I feel fairly confident I can finish this easily before the Edinburgh Yarn Festival meet-up.

And I've finished most of my Driscoll.  I just need to sew in the sleeves and pick up stitches for the collar.  Bit worried that it's going to be too short, but we'll see.  I put all my hopes on the power of blocking.

I have finished one project this month.  This lump of knitting is just waiting for a clear, sunny day to take some photos, but it's a simple summer lace and garter stitch cowl, knit with the cotton I indigo-dyed during my Gwlana retreat. 

February will hopefully be the month that projects start to come together. 

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