Monday, 22 June 2015

Three Years. . . .

So yesterday was the summer solstice which always prompts me to ponder my new life in the UK as it's also the anniversary of moving over here.  Three years already!  And things are very good.  I love my new more laid-back lifestyle; lots of hiking, crafting, walking to work, gardening, and cooking. Work is much more interesting and fulfilling in my new job, not to mention I got a pay raise with the new position and it allows me to continue to work part-time, cover all my living costs and still save for holidays,  wool festivals and retirement.

With the more simple lifestyle, my consumerism is also way, way down from what it used to be and I'm much more thoughtful about what I buy, where it comes from, what it's made from and whether I really, really need it. While my yarn diet this year has been completely blown, I have managed to keep to my resolution of not buying any new clothes and I've even been purging the wardrobe and paring it down to items that I really like wearing.

People were the hardest thing to leave behind in Toronto but friends have kept in touch, and have come to visit, and I have managed to find a core group of like-minded hikers and knitters to hang out with who are interesting and inspiring and barmy in the best possible English way.  The Liverpud is my best friend and we continue to laugh and build a life together. And Mum will be coming over for two months and I look forward to taking her to some of my favourite places.

This is a little bit of what living in Britain is all about for me.

My first English rose!  This is Wildfire - a gorgeous, vibrant orange colour and it's in full bloom in my front yard.  I could never have grown roses in my tiny flat in Toronto.

And here is how I spent the solstice Sunday.  Our walking group went to Abersoch, a popular seaside town,  and I went walking along several miles of the Welsh Coastal Path around parts of the Llyn Pennisula.  The coastal path is marvellous - very well signposted and maintained.

Nothing but sky and sea and sheep.

Islands in one direction. . .

. . . and mountains in the other.

And back for an ice cream in Abersoch during low tide.

An anniversary needs a cake and this is a Dorset Apple Cake from Paul Hollywood's British Baking book.  I love this recipe; it is much less sweet than many British cakes, the flavour coming from cinnamon and Bramley apples which are left in slices throughout the cake.

Absolutely delicious.  Just like my life for which I am profoundly grateful.  I'll always be a proud Canadian, but the UK is definitely my home now.

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Sallyann said...

Three years. You still bring a freshness and new vision to everything you do. I thank the Liverpud for wowing you and you for having the courage to follow your heart. Toronto's loss is our gain.