Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Among the Heather in North Wales. . .

North Wales continues to astound and delight me with the beauty of its coastline.  Our walking group recently went to Conwy and started climbing the hills above the magnificent castle.

Sea, sand and sheep!

And lots and lots of gorgeous heather.  I couldn't stop gazing at it all; it's as if a tweed factory exploded all over the hillside.

And then the heather mixes with the yellow gorse and you get this:

I'm knitting the perfect accompaniment.  The shawl (about 60% done in this photo) is now finished, but I haven't been able to take proper photos of it yet.

Lunch was by a neolithic stone circle.

Where wild ponies also roamed and were not in the least spooked by us.

This is a view of part of our route back to Conwy.

We went via the Jubilee Path, created to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee.  These pillars mark the beginning.

And it edges around this hill en route to the next climb.

And more stunning landscape tapestry.

We didn't get back in time to really explore the streets of Conwy, but the little I saw was so lovely, I knew it would be the perfect place for a day trip out with my Canadian guests.  More soon. . .

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