Friday, 19 September 2014

Staying Together. . .

On top of the Scottish hills near Glencoe in 2010

I woke up this morning to the same relief I felt in 1995 when Quebec voted (very narrowly) to stay in Canada.  The vote wasn't as close in Scotland (45% voted for independence) but all week it was impossible to know which way it would go.  I have a strong love for Scotland and the Scots (Glencoe was where I met the Liverpud and so was ultimately responsible for my having moved to the UK) and I really didn't want to see it leave the union. However the referendum has fueled an increased interest in politics (always good) and it will be fascinating to see how events unfold as various debates over how separate areas of the UK can gain more control over local policies get underway

Knitting - apart from yarnbombing - isn't often seen as political but I couldn't help but grin at the latest issue of The Knitter.  I have a subscription to this magazine and I really love it as it always seeks out really interesting and challenging designs.  Take a look at this UK intarsia dress that was on the front cover, called Britannia and designed by Belinda Harris-Reid.   Topical coincidence?

I find the actual design of the dress a bit too loose and awkward for my tastes but I'm definitely motivated to use the chart to knit perhaps a sweater or a cushion in celebration of last night's vote. Maybe in Shetland wool? (Shetland by the way voted No).


Dayana Knits said...

Wait, is that intarsia really? It looks so fine and high-res!

Belinda Harris-Reid said...

Thank you for commenting on my dress... I design things in one size (mostly to fit me - size 20!) - I think the model is a size 8 - HA! best wishes - xxx Belinda