Monday, 19 May 2014

A Wonderful Weekend in Wales Part One. . .

Last weekend was glorious. The weather was like mid-summer and along with my friend Ann from Canada (who it was so great to see!) we spent Saturday driving along the Welsh coast near Cardigan Bay which completely exceeded all my expectations.  It is so lovely and unlike other coastlines in the UK with the mountains in the distance and sand dunes and beautiful stretches of beach dotted here and there.  We stopped for lunch in Harlech where the main attraction is undoubtedly this fantastic castle, built by Edward I in the late 13th century.  

Of course we went in. 

Here's the gatehouse from the inner courtyard. There are two things in particular that impressed me about this castle.  I was in awe at how solid it still was and how much had survived the centuries (and the weather).  You can climb one of the towers and also completely walk along its upper ramparts.

Which leads me to the second thing - I don't think I've ever visited a castle that is situated in a more glorious setting; it just takes your breath away.

To the west is the Irish sea.

And to the north are the mountains in Snowdonia National Park.

This includes Snowdon, which is the highest peak in Wales. I think it's the pointy one glimpsed through the castle window.  But more on that shortly.


Anne Featonby said...

I am always amazed at how preserved old, ancient structures are over you know, everything here is so "new" comparatively.

Sallyann said...

What lovely photos and gorgeous sky too. Am looking forward to Part 2.

Blithe Spirit said...

Anne - I'm still constantly amazed at how much history is preserved. It's literally everywhere you look. Or there's a literary connection. This castle was certainly one of the prettiest I've ever come across.