Friday, 4 April 2014

A Motivating Tea Towel. . .

When the amazing Kate Davies posted her latest creation on her blog, I smiled and immediately ordered one.  How fabulous is this tea towel with drawings by Felicity Ford of several of Kate's terrific sweater designs? She's never designed a garment that I haven't wanted to knit and I already have the patterns for several of these - Warriston, Catkin, and Boreal perching at the top of the list. 

And it's motivated me to get my long-languishing Deco out.  I don't know why I stopped; I was nearing the end of a ball of wool and I was reading comments on ravelry about a tricky bit to come and just lost my confidence. It's been packed away since I moved to England but I love the wool ( Blacker's Corriedale Organic which is now discontinued - fingers crossed I have enough) and my knitting mojo has never been stronger. This will be my major April knitting project and I'm determined to get it done.


I love the idea of the tea towel as a visual checklist and instead of hanging up in the kitchen, it's going to be prominently displayed in my spare bedroom (aka the knitting den).  And once I finish each sweater (she writes confidently), I'm going to use some strands of the project wool and fill in the corresponding sweater diagram with some embroidery. Check back in about 40 years to see the completed tea towel.


Alli said...

LOVE your idea to embellish the tea towel with yarn from each sweater - fab idea! (makes note to check back in 40 years as instructed...) ;)

Blithe Spirit said...

40 years might be optimistic! However I'm making good progress on my Deco and the tea towel tantalizes me each time I look at it because I'd really like Boreal for next winter.