Sunday, 20 October 2013

Colour Craving Mystery Shawl Revealed. . .

I have had so much fun knitting this mystery shawl over the past month.  Here were the three colours I initially chose.

Clue #1 started striping with two colours and was augmented by these enormous yarnover holes, forming an odd cone-like shape.  Very unusual. 

Clue #2 saw the introduction of the lime green bordering two sides of this cone-shaped triangle.  Clue #3 called for the use of the second colour again but since mine was the white and I thought it would be a bit too boring, I opted to pop in a fourth colour - the dark green.  I'm very happy with how the colours work together. 

And ta-dah!  Here is the finished shawl. I added a fifth colour of black in the i-cord bind-off.  Not sure about all the holes, but it certainly is an original design and was a lot of fun to knit. And while wearing it as a scarf - which I'll probably do most of the time - the holes do come in handy for weaving in the long end.  It's certainly very cozy and warm. 

Did I mention how HUGE this turned out to be?

The pattern is Colour Craving by the flamboyant Stephen West and you can purchase it on ravelry here.  I'm already looking forward to next year's mystery knit-a-long. 

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