Monday, 2 April 2012

WWI Knitting Songs. . .

I don't know where she unearthed all these wonderful songs, but Melanie Gall, professional chanteuse and half of the Savvy Girls Podcast, has just released a CD of WWI knitting songs from Canada, the U.S., Britain and France, and it's just marvellous.  I have numerous recordings of WWI songs, mostly those sung by soldiers or rousing patriotic ditties, but I've never come across any of these songs before. There is a wide range in style - some are humourous, some sentimental, and some just get me tapping my wooden dpns along to the music.  My three favourites are the gossipy "Knocking at the Knitting Club", the motivational "Gertie Get On With Your Knitting" and the catchy "And Then She'd Knit, Knit, Knit" which could only be Canadian with the following lyrics:

"She even knits while out in his canoe. She knits while Billy tries to bill and coo. . ."

 Knitting All The Day is currently available on iTunes or CD Baby but she hopes to get it distributed in yarn shops as well.

Treat yourself - this is so much fun to listen to!

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