Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Where There's A Wool, There's a Way. . .

I love this campaign started by knitter and awesome designer Kate Davies  (you need to seriously check out her blog Needled - she creates the most incredibly beautiful patterns) and Felicity Ford, to convince the fashion industry to stop marketing campaigns using the words "wool" to describe products that actually have very little wool content in them. You can see some examples in her post here.   You can sign a petition here advocating that garments should not be called "wool" unless wool actually makes up more than 50% of the content.  But Wovember is also a month long celebration of sheep, wool and the history of textiles and knitting. The idea is to wear something every day this month that is made out of 100% wool.  You can also enter a photography contest celebrating sheep or all things woolly, open to anyone in the world. Details are here and the prize (of course) is some pretty luscious Shetland wool!

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