Monday, 5 September 2011

Three On the Go. . .

It's been rather cold and rainy this holiday weekend, but I haven't really minded. It's been great for catching up with reading and knitting projects.  My log cabin blanket is progressing really well. I've done eight blocks and I think twelve in total plus a border, will do nicely to drape over a sofa  or be used as a bedspread.

And then I've been rather obsessive about the beekeeper's quilt and all those hexagon puffs. They are so addictive - I've done about twenty-five now which is very far away from a finished quilt. But even at this stage, I'm wondering whether to go for a completely random look like this:

Or to start organizing them better by colour and forming a more cohesive pattern like this:

To make matters worse, I tried knitting my first mitred block and it was so much fun, I'm now contemplating yet another blanket project.  What I love about these blocks is not only the crazy stripes, but the raised stitches from the turns, which will form yet another wonderful textured pattern when the quilt is complete, just like "real quilting" would do.

I'm in real trouble here.  With three blanket projects on the go, is there any hope that I'll get one of them completed by the first snow fall?  And will I ever go back to real quilting?  Anyone else in a similar dilemma?

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